Below is a running diary of the production of Sketches from an Epoch, with the dates running from the bottom of this page (the oldest entry) to the top (the most recent entry).

14 March 2013

And so, Sketches from an Epoch has found it's pace as a 42 minute final cut, finished late last year. It is currently making the rounds of film festivals in search of a venue.

22 September 2012

Assistant Director, Editor and Soundman Matthew Caulfield creates some foley work to use in the soundtrack, as we head towards a final cut.

19 August 2012

And so, the title of the film is now: Sketches from an Epoch In an effort to make clear the fragmentary nature of the scenes in the film, I have opted to go back to one of my models for the film, including inspiration for the title, Ivan Turgenev's Sketches from a Hunter's Album. I also have decided this change in order to distance–and prevent confusion with–Ingmar Bergman's Scenes from a Marriage; while I am an admirer of Berman's films, this film has no bearing, in either influence, or dramatic thrust, with that work by the master.

4 August 2012

IT'S A WRAP! The final scene, for the short verion of the film, with Thomas Farley in the role of Jack, was shot on Sunday, the 29th of July. The scene involves a telphone conversaion between Jack and Eva's character Claire. Below are a few photos, including one showing Director Edward Waisnis helming camera and sound, as a one-man crew, for the shoot.

Thomas Farley and Eva Dziczkowska get intense–as Jack and Claire–in a telephone conversation scene presented in split-screen.

22 July 2012

We shot the final two scenes, for the short version of the film, with Eva this past Wednesday, the 18th. One scene was a reshoot for the sequence where Claire discovers the New Age Guy on the internet. The other was a scene where Claire visits an exhibition on the Maya that includes a wall of media about 2012 hysteria.Here's are some frame grabs:

15 July 2012

A few pick-up scenes were shot this past week to augment the sequence where Claire goes to fashion week in New York. Here's a frame grab:

Claire puruses magazines in a shop in the Fashion District.

Once the final scenes are completed, which should be within the next week, or two, the final cut, of the short version, will be assembled. Here's a pictorial representation of the timeline as it now stands:

27 June 2012

I've made the decision to conclude production and produce the film in a short version, rather than go on with the plans of expanding it into a feature, for the time-being. After extensive editing, which has included restructuring of the narrative, aided by Matthew Caulfield' invaluable input, we've arrived at a cut that holds thematically as well as dramaturgically. With an errant scene or two to shoot, we are heading to finalize the film.

In the process characters have been altered, as well as eliminated. The three part structure has also be dropped in favor of intergrating the storylines. All-in-all the process has produced a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Of course, if the opportunity presents itself to finish the long (feature) version we will move on to that. By looking at the PDF of the full script, available as a link on the main Scenes from an Epoch page, one can see the scenes that have been excised to move towards a final cut short version.

19 May 2012

Two scenes were shot this past week. Here are a couple of frame grabs from the first, where the character of Jason Blakelock is shot:

Domenic Detorie, who plays a campaign manager, returns as the assassin of Jason Blakelock.

Jason Miller's character after being shot by Domenic Detorie's character.

The second scene was a monologue, delivered by Tereza Hakobyan (as Heather), shot on the hi-line in downtown Manhattan [Note: This scene did not survive the final cut]:

Tereza Hakobyan.

23 April 2012

The cutaways needed for a scene in which the character played by Thomas Farley (Jack) tells a story from his past have been shot with Ruchi Shah playing the ex-girlfriend of Jack, Cynthia.

Ruchi Shah (as Cynthia) in a flashback sequence.

13 March 2012

With a few more scenes shot this past February of the third episode, the film is coming closer to completition. This latest round of production focused on the concluding scenes involving the story of the character played by Jason Miller.

Joining the cast, as the shady developer Tony, is Nick Fillipo. Dominic Detorie, in the role of a Campaign Manager, and real-life barber and tailor Eric Feggins and Jinkee Chun, respectively. Here are a few images from these shoots:

Matthew Caulfield (sound), Jason Rusnock (camera), Eric Feggins (barber) and Jason Miller (as Jason Blakelock) shooting a barbershop scene.

Jason Miller being fitted, in a tailor shop scene, with real-life tailor Jinkee Chun.

Jason Miller and Dominic Detorie (as a Campaign Manager) in an officious scene.

Nick Fillipo (as Tony) and Jason Miller meet at an undisclosed location for a private meet (above and below).

Jason Miller's character finds solace in a bottle when his fortunes turn after getting involved with politics mixed with unscrupulous business dealings.

Planning for the shooting of all of the concluding scenes involving Eva Dziczkowska's pivotal character Claire (shown in a scene shot in January in the framegrab below) is ongoing, with an end date goal of having everything 'in the can' by the end of summer.

16 January 2012

Here are a couple of images from the last shoot, which was on the 12th of November:

Jason Miller and Jacqueline Donelli on location for a flashback scene that will not make it in to the final cut.

Matthew Caulfield on location in New York. photo: Jason Rusnock

Plans are to complete scenes involving Jason Miller's character by March and then to shoot the final scenes with Eva Dziczkowska in the Spring.


Two scenes involving Eva Dziczkowska's character, and her journey towards seeking work in the fashion industry, were shot today in New York. It was a little hairy going what with our small cast and crew being asked for identification twice while on location in a park. I guess it should have been expected since we were shooting guerilla-style one day before the tenth anniversary of 9/11.

The shoot brought a new character on board, that of an agent who approaches Claire in the park. The role was filled by Sandra Palmeri who was a tropper through all twenty-six takes.

Here are a couple of frame grabs from the days work:

Sandra Palmeri, in a scene in the park with Eva Dziczkowska.

The scene concludes with Claire (Eva) being consumed by an article in the newspaper about Jason Blakelock being embroiled in corruption.

Claire signs a release after being photographed outside of a Fashion Week event.

August 2011

Production on part three resumed in late August, with a couple of major scenes being shot. The first being in the art gallery where Claire works. Here are some frame grabs:

Eva Dziczkowska in a scene where Claire gives notice at her gallery job.

Denyse Ellington and Rob Stoller as art dealers who Claire works for.

Then we moved out of doors to shoot a confrontation scenes between Paul and Heather in a shopping mall parking lot. Here's what that ended up looking like:

Ryan Hammaker (as Paul) in his role as the petulant ex-boyfriend of Claire who has moved on to a relationship with Heather.

Tereza Hakobyan plays Heather.

We concluded the day by shooting a scene by the river with Eva (see below):

Eva Dziczkowska by the riverside, in a wistful scene.

19 JULY 2011

Shooting has been concluded on part two. Here are are few stills, and frame grabs, from this stage of production:

Location for hospital room (before set dressing).

Location for hospital room (after set dressing). Great effort put forth by Jason, Paul and Matthew here!

Jason Miller and Angela Eliacin (as Saskia Bryers) in a hospital room scene. Her characters role as a nurse's assistant will not make the final cut.

Angela Eliacin delivers a monologue.

Shooting on part three, The Undermine and Demise of Jason Blakelock, will begin in the autumn.

27 JUNE 2011

The sporodic shooting continued with a schedule that included five scenes for part two, as well as two scenes for part three. Here are a few frame grabs:

Eva Dziczkowska in a scene in the subway that will not make the final cut.

Eva Dziczkowska, Megan Eckley and Nikiya Palombi in a model audition scene.

Thomas Farley (as Jack, in white t-shirt) in a scene taking place at an AA meeting.

Eva Dziczkowska in a scene where her character explores the I Ching.

5 JUNE 2011

Shooting resumed today with Jason Miller featured in scenes involving the character he plays (the 'new age expert' Jason Blakelock) having a heart attack while driving. Jason Rusnock helmed the camera for these tricky scenes. Note: This scene did not ultimately survive the final cut.

Jason Rusnock shooting travelling shots from the back of the camera car. photo: Jason Miller

Jason Miller on set.

11 MARCH 2011

Shooting resumed on part two of the triology, with scenes completed involving a new cast member, Thomas Farley, playing the role of Jack. We also have a new crew member, Meghan Brown, working with us as Production Assistant in charge of continuity.

Thomas Farley, in a scene with Eva Dziczkowska, during a dramatic moment.

Eva Dziczkowska, in three frame grabs from scenes shot during this round:

14 JANUARY 2011

After an hiatus, shooting began this past weekend on the second part of Scenes From an Epoch. With a good chunk of writing completed the story now focuses on a trilogy of intersecting storylines. The shoot included scenes involving the character played by Logan Higbie. Here are a few photos and frame grabs:

Paul Bennett and Matthew Caulfield on location at an Asian market. photo: Jason Rusnock

Paul Bennett, delivering a monologue, and Khyber Jones (as his co-worker in the coffee shop where his character Julian works).

Eva Dziczkowska (and Paul Bennett).

Jake Ellington as a boy who encounters Julian during his misadventure.

Adam Carlton Carrigan as a ranger.

11 JANUARY 2011

Shooting resumed this past week with a sequence involving the character, of an art dealer, played by Denyse Ellington (below).

Here is a frame grab:

Denyse Ellington delivers a monologue.

11 NOVEMBER 2010

In addition to the writing, location scouting, and casting is also taking place.

Frame grab from test shoot, with Paul Bennett, who will play Julian.

JUNE 2010

With casting and crew in place for the first phase of what is envisioned as a three part production we began shooting this month. During four days this month we shot the first part of the trilogy that will become one unified film. During the ensuing hiatus writing will continue incorporating the existent characters and following their stories to a conclusion.

Eva Dziczkowska (as Claire) in a pensive moment delivering a monologue.

Assistant Director and Soundman Matthew Caulfield on set.